The Bottin PRO Directory is full of service businesses that speak French found in the United States, France, Canada and other French-speaking countries. We have tried to find businesses in various categories from SEO Agencies, Marketing firms, Design and other business-related services. The site was created by Sandra Mullen.

Sandra had a very successful career in the Import/Export world. She retired early and has decided she wants to travel the world looking for great business ideas and she’ll use the blog on this directory site to talk about some of the businesses she encounters. Most articles will talk about her travels, the people she meets and the experiences she has in each country.

During her career she would encounter many businesses who wanted to do business with French speaking countries (or they spoke only French and wanted to deal with non-French countries). She started compiling a list of businesses that could help out her clients. This list will become Bottin PRO.

Not being fluent in French, Sandra writes some of the posts on this site in English and some in her broken French as a way to practice.

If you have a site to add please contact her using the contact page.
Or if you would like to submit a site to the directory you can do that here.

Welcome to the site!