The Journey Begins


I did it, I just left my baby.

For over 25 years I have spent every day thinking about my Import/Export business and now I’m retired. I sold the business to a young man who I think will do well with it. It’s a funny story – this young man read an article about starting an import/export business on Entrepreneur and decided to take a shortcut and just buy mine. It was all rather serendipitous. He should be able to take all that I’ve built and run with it.

But that’s not for me to worry about any longer.

I will miss all the great things about the company. Dealing with great people, selling (importing) great items, and helping my customers. That’s what made my business fun. But, the headaches, the late nights, the endless miles on the road and in a plane – all gone. All the things that used to stress me out are all over and I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself now.

Actually I have a plan. I’m not one who would spend my life being 100% organized and goal-oriented to now just stop, like that. I started coming up with the idea for this website during the last year while I transitioned my business.

You’re here – and you’re reading this – so that means you found this site somehow. And that’s a good thing.

This site has two components. The first part is going to be the really functional and helpful part – That’s the Bottin PRO Directory. A business directory that’s full of businesses that I’ve found, worked with and otherwise have contacted in some form or fashion. These businesses can help you (or any business) get a leg up. They specifically speak and deal in French. Some of them are native companies to France. Others have the ability to translate your work to the desired market.

The second part of this site will be the blog. This is where I will ramble on and on about whatever I want. I like to think that I’ve earned the ability to speak my mind and talk endlessly about whatever subject strikes my fancy for the day – even if that’s an entire post about baguettes that I found at a French bakery! Really the blog will be a place where I share my ideas and my research as I travel the world.

I’ve decided to dedicate my life (what’s left of it) to finding business ideas and helping businesses grow. I’m going to travel the world in search of great ideas and struggling businesses.

I’m not going to look for businesses that are struggling financially – I’m looking for business that are outgrowing their current markets. Small companies that could grow rapidly if they were able to export some of their stuff to a larger, stronger market. I’m specifically talking about the United States, which is arguable the strongest economy on the planet, where they could expand their horizons.

Some of my articles and posts will be written in French as a way to practice the language. I’m not a fluent speaker but I’ll try. Others, like this one will be written in English and can be translated if you’re really interested.

Hopefully this gives you an idea of what will be going on here at Bottin PRO. I hope you find a home here as my journey begins.

Over the next few weeks (and posts) I’m going to discuss my plan to travel to a few different countries to start my journey. I’ll be going to France, Belgium and Canada looking for businesses. Which country to you think will be the best to visit?

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